The ideal road construction machine

Opened in 1955, the A2 is one of the busiest motorways in Switzerland, crossing the Alps and forming the main north-south axis from Basel to Chiasso. On a 3km stretch near the village of Rodi in Ticino, a ZX155W-7 owned by Otto Scerri SA has been employed on a project to replace the central reservation with asphalt, as well as renew the drainage between the two lanes of the highway.
November 1, 2023
The ideal road construction machine


The origins of the Bellinzona-based company date back to 1940 and it became part of the Marti Group – the second largest construction company in Switzerland with 6,000 employees – in 1971. Today it offers a wide range of services, including aggregates, the management of materials and landfills, excavation and demolition work, transport and civil engineering.

Strong resale value

Otto Scerri’s Ticino Director Fabrizio Bellini has been with the Group for 30 years (and the company for the past 12) during which time he has gained invaluable experience with Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM). “We have worked with around 20 Hitachi excavators over the past three decades and have never had any issues,” he says. “As well as being reliable, they have a strong resale value and Hitachi has proved to be a quality brand in the construction industry.”

The company’s fleet of HCM machines has included: the ZX17U-2 and ZX65USB-5 – and a wide range of other mini excavators; as well as the ZX225USLC-3 and -6, the ZX280LCN-3 and ZX300LCN-6; and ZX350LCN-7 medium excavators. The ZX155W-7 wheeled excavator is Otto Scerri’s latest acquisition, delivered by the Swiss dealer Probst Maveg in January 2023. The new model was purchased with a one-year, 2,000-hour, full-service contract, which will start after the 12-month manufacturer warranty has expired.

The ideal road construction machine


Best hydraulic system

“In my opinion, the biggest benefit to our company is the precision of Zaxis excavators – and the ZX155W-7 is no exception,” adds Fabrizio. “The speed and power are excellent, and the hydraulic system is the best that we have experienced. This new wheeled excavator is perfect for projects such as this due to its low fuel consumption and emissions, compact size, comfortable cab and manoeuvrability.”

Otto Scerri’s plan for the ZX155W-7 is to work for up to 10,000 hours with the invaluable assistance of Probst Maveg. “We enjoy brilliant relations and excellent support from our Hitachi dealer, for example with the convenience of the monthly ConSite reports and efficiency of the next-day parts delivery service when required. We can speak openly and together we can always find a solution.”

The ideal road construction machine


Ideal for road construction

Massimo Valenzisi has been employed by Otto Scerri since 2008, and as the sole operator of the ZX155W-7 he’s been impressed with the new wheeled excavator: “I feel good working with this machine, especially as the cab is so spacious and the seat is very comfortable. The monitor and control panel are also user-friendly.

“This machine is ideal for road construction sites. It is very safe and stable, either while travelling – with a heavy load – or operating with the boom at short or long reach and a full bucket. I am very happy with how it moves, as well as its speed and strength – it’s all good.”  

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