A new motorway plan for Pakistan’s Eastern Punjab

A major new motorway plan will provide a boost for Pakistan’s Eastern Punjab.
Road Structures / January 19, 2024 35 seconds Read
By Abdul Rab Siddiqi
Pakistan’s Eastern Punjab is to benefit from a major new motorway link – image courtesy of © Creatoroflove|Dreamstime.com

Major new motorway works are planned for Pakistan’s Eastern Punjab. According to the executive board  of the National Highway Authority (NHA), Ministry of Communication, Govt of Pakistan has approved the award of consultancy services for a “Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for Construction of Lahore - Sahiwal - Bahawalnagar Motorway (295km approx)”. This will be handled by a local consultancy firm - M/s National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt) (NESPAK) at the agreed rationalized/reduced cost of Rs140 million.
The project would cover districts including Lahore, Kasur, Okara, Sahiwal, Pakpattan and Bahawalpur. The construction of the Lahore-Okara-Sahiwal-Bahawalnagar Motorway promises several benefits for the region and the country. Firstly, it will improve connectivity by reducing travel time between these cities, enabling faster and more convenient transportation. This, in turn, will positively impact trade, tourism, and overall regional development. Additionally, the motorway will enhance transportation efficiency and logistics, benefiting industries and businesses in the area.